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Answering Service Software should give you a complete and unified system with reliable customer support, to increase revenue and save on labor.

Web & Mobile Call Center Software

Cirrus provides a wide variety of online and mobile-enabled call center solutions to help keep up with today’s technology and customers’ needs. Many of Cirrus’ mobile and online solutions extend the power.

Your agents and clients want to be able to access the information they need at any time from virtually any place. It’s a fundamental and critical part of any call center’s business. With Cirrus Connects’ Web enabled messaging system, you can remotely access schedules, directories, reports, telephone scripts and even historical call management data quickly and efficiently either through the Internet or through internal networks.

The benefits of Cirrus' Mobile and Web software include:

Enable Internet users to click on website links to send direct requests to operators for an immediate chat session.

Deliver time-sensitive information with a secure text messaging application so that staff can respond to customer needs in minutes.

Become a miSecureMessages certified partner and replace Legacy pagers with Cirrus’ secure text messaging application.

Increase the availability with web-based scheduling, appointment taking and appointment reminder solutions.

Integrate on-call schedule information with a secure text messaging mobile application for iPhone, Android, and Windows device users.

Display a roster of who is currently covering on-call shifts and manage schedule information from the home screen.

Extend the functionality of your call center software with Intelligent Series mobile applications to manage your status and send secure text messages, and to view directories and on-call schedules.

Provide your clients with customizable script-driven data collection using only a web browser.

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