Scheduling With Ease and Accuracy Can Put You Way Ahead of the Competition.

Scheduling & Workforce Management

Appointment Scheduling

Many businesses depend on some type of appointment scheduling, and the call center business is no exception. An appointment is one part of a complex way to manage schedules. Cirrus Connects' scheduling solutions provide call center staff and clients with access to schedule information that is fully integrated with operator call handing and message dispatching.

Workforce Scheduling

Today’s contact center is as much about profitability as it is about customer service. But lacking a solution that supports these objectives and one that keeps your agents happy is often the cause of major headaches for many contact center managers worldwide. Cirrus WFM balances these three areas carefully, with industry-leading forecasting/scheduling functionality at its core. An ultra-easy-to-use solution, it works wherever you are in the world. Unique features facilitate employee lifestyles and provide world-class support while, at the same time, guaranteeing you get the absolute most out of your investment.

The benefits of Cirrus Connects' scheduling solutions include:

Integrate with popular calendar applications such as Microsoft Outlook to bring appointments directly into your client’s calendar of choice.

Simplify scheduling with customizable shifts, roles and rules make it easy to design schedules that meet each client’s specific needs.

Streamline scheduling with a simplified, flexible and completely secure cloud-based on-call scheduling application available via web and mobile interfaces

Import appointment, on-call and workforce schedule information directly from third-party scheduling applications.

Monitor employee and staff workloads by checking the totals for the selected month, week and even day.

Automatically set schedule imports to run at off-peak times to save valuable call center time and resources.

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