Reporting That Shines a Light on Your Path to Success With Precise and Customizable Measurements.

Reporting & Analytics

Make it easy to monitor key call center metrics with a variety of client, traffic, operations, billing and management reports. Being accountable and credible means having precise, real-time statistics and reports. Measure and increase your profitability with the most relevant statistics available. Run reports from any supervisor position and give managers valuable data they needed for labor resource management.

The benefits of Cirrus reporting solutions include:

Increase the access to reports with real-time Web-based reporting.

Schedule recurring reports to run daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Save reports in the file format of your choice and send reports via email or fax

Generate reports on each aspect of the telephone answering service process with event-based statistics.

Implement any of Cirrus’ existing 150 report templates based on SAP Crystal Reports.

Customize call center report templates using SAP Crystal Reports for unique call handling scenarios.

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