Notifications Are Needed For All Kinds of Things:
Appointment Reminders, Emergencies, Staffing Shortages, Events and Meetings.

Outbound Notifications

Streamline inbound and outbound notifications with limited agent involvement with Cirrus Connects' integrated system. Easily communicate with staff and contact the first responders and all necessary individuals in emergency situations. Deliver appointment reminders and receive confirmations without operator involvement. Provide operators the ability to send messages over a secured network. Cirrus Connects' has a solution for all your mass notification, automated dispatching, and secure messaging needs. All notification applications are designed for mobile and Web users for easy access to send and receive notifications.

The benefits of Cirrus Connects’ notification software and hardware include:

Notify appropriate personnel in crisis situations such as a network service outages and area-wide inclement weather and natural disasters.

Streamline inbound and outbound communications with contact methods including chat, e-mail, text messaging and telephone.

Provide a unique, secure messaging user experience with message attachments, color schemes, and editable contact information.

Enable operators to create, edit, and trigger alerts from virtually anywhere with Cirrus Connects’ browser-based mass notification solution.

Minimize the chances of human errors by automating dispatch and notification scenarios.

Automate appointment reminders and notification services with a mobile and Web notification system.

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