Messaging System & Scripting

Reduce agent training time and eliminate errors with Cirrus Connects' Contact Based Architecture

Experience the power and flexibility of the most advanced telecommunications software available. Cirrus Connects' scripting software is integrated with Intelligent Series directories, scheduling, messaging, dispatching and reporting.

The benefits of Cirrus Connects’ messaging & scripting solutions include:



Intelligent multi-media call routing to present calls, e-mails, SMS text messages, web chat requests, and message replies to agents for processing.
Advanced agent and automated dispatching to any device.
Advanced agent call processing with call flow scripting and messaging.
A flexible and secure messaging solution with smartphone paging app.
Errors in agent call handling with advanced agent call flow scripting and messaging.
Agent training time, allowing new staff to begin processing calls faster.
Labor costs by allowing agents to handle more calls with less training and reduced errors.
IT costs with a software-based platform that can be virtualized on-site or cloud-based.

Perform advanced call management functions, including configurable call control, multi-lingual voice processing with advanced call queueing announcements, and built-in call recording.

Display all aspects of your traffic volumes and call activities to agents and supervisors.

Enable ANI call screening and use specific call handling behaviors for repeated calls from specific telephone numbers.

Ensure your call center is always on-line with Cirrus’ top-notch reliability and support.

Eliminate the need for expensive third-party hardware, external wiring, and individual workstation software with Cirrus’ all-inclusive call center solution cloud-based.

Generate more revenue through increased service offerings and flexibility.

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