Call Center Systems and Switching Designed Specifically for Your Requirements.

Call Center Systems & Switching

Designed for Flexibility

Cirrus’ answering service and call center software is specifically designed to help increase revenue, save labor and reduce costs. This is exactly why Cirrus strives to provide the tools for telephone switch functionality, intelligent routing, automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), outbound dialing, voice mail and other components.

Cirrus Connects’ time-tested scalability meets the needs of message centers with a few agents handling dozens of daily calls as well as call centers with hundreds of agents processing tens of thousands of calls every day. Cirrus Connects’ solutions can be trusted to ensure that data accumulated during a call follows that call no matter where and how it is subsequently directed.

Answering Service Related Solutions:

Audit operator calls handling by entering the last four digits of a Unique Call Number (UCN) to monitor live operator calls.

Provide intelligent call routing, switch-based configurable call control, and Cirrus’ multi-lingual voice processing resources.

Enable ANI call screening and use specific call handling behaviors for repeated calls from specific telephone numbers.

Eliminate the need for expensive third-party hardware, external wiring, and individual workstation software.

Display all aspects of your traffic volumes and call activities to the entire staff.

Automatically fail over your system using Cirrus’ soft switching technology in the event that a network issue occurs.

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